shore capital stock brokers review

The day of the stock trader sweating it out on the pit floor has come and gone thanks to the new age of technology, with computers and bots simply being too fast for even the fastest sharks in the tank. However stock brokers and traders still have their place in the modern investment game. Thanks to such movies as Wolf of Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross many are weary of the sharp teeth of these money snapping beasts, BUT there is still a huge amount of money being made through intelligent trading and if stock traders/brockers never made anyone any money then they simply wouldn’t still exist, however they do. There are still hundreds in London alone, but who do you trust?.


Do brokers still hit the phones and cold call any old dick, well no they don’t, do they still constantly ring and call people all day long? Yes for the most part they do. However nowadays a far more intelligent game has to be played thanks to a number of reasons such as the FCA, anti cold calling rules/laws and people being clued up to the penny stock scam. Stock Brokers now concentrate largely on strong leads of people who have enquired about investment, meaning easier sales but far less brokers in every office. I cannot offer any real financial advice but I can however help clue you in on a few of the companies who do, every post I will look objectively at 3 separate Stock Brokers, the the reviews of which can be found in the adjacent links.

Shore Capital Stockbrokers ltd

Shore capital Stockbrokers review are based in a number of offices across the UK and one in Berlin Germany, they operate under the large Shore Group Company who deal in all kinds of businesses.  They deal in primarily Equities and AIM (Alternative Investment Markets) and from our professional determination and almost by self admission rely mostly on large numbers of small clients based in the UK, not recommended for corporate investors but seem to have no negative reviews or any indication of financial misconduct

 Stockdale Securities Limited review

Stockdale Securities focus only on corporate clients (the opposite to Shore Capital) and are based in the heart of London. The main area of concern with this company is the number of name changes they have been through, most recently in 2016, some evidence suggests this was out of the companies hands and they are still fully approved by the FCA, however questions still arise from so many company rebrands

Cornhill Capital

Cornhill Capital review offer the full investment process from research to execution and helping collecting the harvest (profits). They also operate Cornhill FX and UK Bond Network. The company has also been through name changes, most recently in 2009, through research this was more likely through change of Associates than anything else and is not of concern. They are a full member of the London Stock Exchange as well fully approved by the FCA